Are Family Outings No Longer Affordable?


Having fun has never been more expensive.

A new study revealed that classic family outings – baseball games, movies, and theme parks – have become insurmountable costs.

These pastimes passed on from generation to generation might have to stay in the past if people can no longer afford to participate in activities that simply cost too much.

Dreams of catching a foul ball or visiting Cinderella’s castle are common aspirations in young families.

It’s part of a tradition that has remained relatively unchanged since Walt Disney opened his first theme park.

Priced Out of Priceless Memories

Summer vacation is often when a family takes trips, whether splurging on Disney or going to the movies.

A More Affordable Middle Class

According to a study conducted by The Hustle, traditional family outings have “increased in cost at 2-3x the rate of inflation.”

In addition, the study – which compared family outings in 1960 to today – concluded that “American families have to work up to 2x as many hours as they did 60 years ago.”

Since most people can’t just double up on their hours worked to go on vacation, what are real families doing to combat the rising cost of basic activities?

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