10 Amazing Ideas for Using Leftover Baby Food Story


I can’t be the only person with shelves in my cupboards and freezer full of baby foods. My babies must have decided there was something better on offer before I got a chance to use them.

Initially, I was the Mama intent on cooking everything fresh for my baby. I made batches of different purees – fruit, vegetables, meats, vegetables & meats combined.

All were neatly packaged and frozen in bespoke baby food containers.

When we started weaning, like most babies, the purees were sometimes loved or discarded, often on the floor. These were sometimes successfully combined with baby rice or oats in boxes.

Then came the pouches and jars – all labeled organic. We tried them to see if my baby would eat more of them. Also, they were often more convenient and easier when out and about.

Certainly, when on vacation when you can’t take your frozen pots.So, after all the making and trying, I ended up with shelves full of products I didn’t want to waste or throw out.

What to do With Leftover Baby Food

1. Donate For all the bought unopened items, the best solution is to donate, so families who need the help can benefit. Many charities, food banks, churches, and medical centers will gladly accept your donations.

Alternatively, you can donate to a friend, family member, or someone at work or in the neighborhood who may need the food for their baby.

2. Make Baby Cereal Cookies Baby Rice and oatmeal are bland and not very nutritious by themselves. If you add some other ingredients, you can make great snacks. I have added the option of adding some protein to keep everyone fuller for longer. Perfect for lunch boxes or grabbing on the go.

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