Financial Pros Help Families Budget for Skyrocketing College Costs


The cost of a college education has grown significantly in the past two decades.

And with rising inflation taking its toll across every aspect of our economy, the trend shows no sign of stopping soon.

In its 2022-2023 U.S. News Best Colleges Report, researchers found that for one year’s tuition and fees, 19 out of the 20 top schools in the United States cost at least $55,000.

Most schools in the top 20 list cost more than $60,000, with only two coming in at less than $50,000.

What to Look  for in a  Financial Advisor

When hiring a financial advisor, you’ll want to ensure that the one you choose is the best fit for your family and has the necessary designations to help you make the best financial choices.

Here are some qualifications to look for in potential college financial advisors.

“For families with the right needs, hiring a college funding specialist advisor is a straightforward decision, says Dean Lyman, a college funding advisor and founder of Your Financial Partnership.

“A knowledgeable advisor will be able to plan for and remove the roadblocks to understanding how the college funding process works.

A partner who has walked this road will be a valuable addition to help your student get to and through college.”

Ccfc (Certified College Financial Consultant)

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