He Took Revenge When a Con Man Tried To Take His Money After a Minor Accident in a Parking Lot


A Reddit user shares his story of a car accident and the serial con artist who tried to take advantage of him.

The Original poster (OP) explains that he was driving his pickup truck home from his job as a foreman and went to get food from Mcdonald’s.

While pulling out of the parking lot, he lightly scraped another car as he looked left and “wasn’t paying great attention to what was happening in front of me.”

The OP jumped out and ensured the driver was okay before apologizing and offering to pay for the damages in cash. The driver, who OP calls B, agreed.

A month later, B phones the OP from a body shop with a bill worth $2,403. OP says this was more than he’d imagined, but he was willing to pay and tells Brent to get the work done.

Something Feels Off

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