He Showed Concern For His Wife By Talking To Her Boss, But Was He In The Wrong?


A concerned Reddit user shared a story about how he confronted his wife’s boss without her knowledge to try and ease her workload and asked if he was an a**hole for what he did.

Backbreaking Workload

The original poster (OP) started by narrating that his wife had been working 10-14 hours sitting behind her computer every day for the past 2-3 weeks and even during the weekends.

According to the OP, his wife had worked 100+ hours a week, and she had worked weekends and vacations the whole year.

The OP continued that his wife couldn’t even take days off during holidays and has been complaining about her work and how she wanted to quit.

The OP noted how his wife bemoaned working so hard without any break, and sometimes she cried about it.

He further explained how he was walking on eggshells and doing what he could to alleviate the stress.

Trying To Help

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