A Great Idea for a Halloween DIY: Laura’s Charlie Brown Gang


Halloween is one of the best holidays – a perfect opportunity to dress up and play “fantasy.”

If you’re looking for an easy, fun, and affordable Halloween costume for your family, this is one for you.

Last year, we all dressed up as Charlie Brown Gang with just a few simple steps.

How did you decide what costumes to dress your family in?

My first concern was picking a costume that would be comfortable for my baby to wear.

At the time, he was only ten months, and I knew he wouldn’t tolerate anything too bulky or constricting.

We went with Charlie Brown because I knew it mainly consisted of regular clothes, so it was very functional.

Plus, we have always joked about his round head reminding us of the cartoon character!

Where did you get the materials from?

Most of the costumes consist of everyday clothes, which I bought from Walmart and Target.

Michaels craft shop was where I got the last few odds and ends (feathers and fabric paint).

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