10 Unique Ideas for Using Leftover Baby Food


My babies must have decided there was something better on offer before I got a chance to use them.

At first, I was the Mama intent on cooking everything fresh for my baby.

I made batches of different purees – fruit, vegetables, meats, vegetables & meats combined.

So, after all the making and trying, I ended up with shelves full of products I didn’t want to waste or throw out.

What to do With Leftover Baby Food


For all the bought unopened items, the best solution is to donate, so families who need the help can benefit.

Many charities, food banks, churches, and medical centers will gladly accept your donations.

Make Baby Cereal Cookies

Baby Rice and oatmeal are bland and not very nutritious by themselves. If you add some other ingredients like fruits, you can make great snacks.

Here is an easy Baby Cereal Cookies RECIPE

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