He Made It Obvious He Preferred His Own Daughter Over His Step Daughters But If You Knew What Had Happened, You Would Have Done The Same

Being a dad isn’t easy, but being a dad to three teenage girls is as difficult as it gets.

This distressed dad wrote to Reddit’s subthread “Am I the A**Hole,” asking if he was an AH for buying his biological daughter her own hotel room and making his stepdaughters share a room.

A Grieving Father

The tragedy of the original poster’s (OP) dad passing away had left him in emotional turmoil, but despite this, he had to be strong for his family.

He and his wife Candace, his biological daughter Shiloh, and his two stepdaughters flew to his hometown to pay their final respects.

In their grief, they booked two hotel rooms to keep everyone comfortable during their stay.

Wicked Stepsisters, or is Dad Playing Favorites?

However, on one fateful night, OP received a frantic call from Shiloh, who was in tears and arguing with her stepsisters.