Make Your Christmas More Eco-Friendly: Tree Decorations From Start to Recycle


Christmas is just around the corner, meaning if you haven’t already, you must prepare your Christmas tree decorations.

Do you stick with the old, traditional way that worked for years or start something new?

With higher costs, like energy, you may want to consider making the Christmas tree decorations more affordable and eco-friendly.

Christmas Tree Decorations

What’s Your Theme?

Determine the personality of your family Christmas tree based on your family’s preference, children’s age, and whether you want to make a statement-making tree or something more subdued.

You may want to go with more traditional, classic Christmas tree decorations, minimalist decor, or go in a whimsical direction which can be a lot of fun.

The Christmas Tree: Natural or Artificial

Nowadays, it is hard to tell the difference between the trees, as artificial trees look more natural. According to a survey, about 80% of Americans have a Christmas tree.

The majority (63%) opt for artificial trees while 24% want a real tree; a small percentage of families have multiple trees mixing both types.

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