His Girlfriend Ran Off With His New Earbuds So He Broke Up With Her

The young man had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for almost a year.

The girlfriend lived in the university dorms with strict rules like a curfew and restrictions on male visitors.

The young man worked full-time and had his apartment. Before Easter break, the young man and some friends planned a road trip, but the girlfriend declined the invitation.

The day before the road trip, the young man and his girlfriend went to a shop to purchase earbuds for the journey.

The girlfriend decided to get a pair of AirPods, and the individual got himself some Bose earbuds.

On the way back to the university, the girlfriend expressed interest in the young man’s earbuds and wanted to trade them for her AirPods.

The individual declined the offer, stating that he needed the earbuds for the trip and that they could exchange them later.

When they reached his girlfriend’s dorms, she threw her AirPods at the young man, still wearing his Bose earbuds, and ran inside the building.