DIY Sensory Bottles for Little Ones

If you are a mom, you know you are always looking for ways to help your little ones. When you chat with other moms or check the internet, you want to find cool crafts for your kids. You have probably seen something like a sensory bottle.

These are great for kids because, like all sensory play, sensory bottles help children to use their senses to explore and discover new things. Not only that, but a sensory bottle is a calm-down tool that can reduce their overwhelming emotional experience.

You can easily make one for your kids without the crazy flashy lights and sounds. When you search online, you can find a variety of sensory bottles. Some were made exquisitely! It is time for another DIY project that will make you proud.

DIY Sensory Bottles for Little Ones 

Materials Needed: – Water bottles – Liquids and other materials to fill the bottles (you can use your imagination since there is no limits)


Before starting, you want to get an empty water bottle, meaning you should drink it all and let it dry overnight. You also need to peel the labels off so you can easily see what will be inside.

With an empty bottle, you can put in whatever materials you think might be stimulating for your little one’s eyes and ears. Look in your house to find some fun craft supplies.

Here are some ideas you can do for your sensory bottles:

1. Water and seashells 2. Water, super glue, and water beads 3. Water with crayon shavings

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