Here’s a Great Idea for a DIY Smart Phone Holder to Use in Your Car


If you’re like most moms, you’re constantly on the go and frequently use your smartphone in the car, if you’re like me, I always use Google Maps for directions!

So, having a smartphone holder for your car makes it a lot safer while driving.

Here’s a great, cheap DIY phone holder that you can make with a couple of items in your house.

DIY Smart Phone Holder for Your Car

Materials Needed: – 2″ soft grip binder clip – two hair rubber bands – pliers


– With a pair of pliers, grip the curved ends of the binder clip and bend them slightly so they will easily grip your smartphone. You may need two to get the job done depending on your grip strength.

– Wrap the rubber bands around the handles until they are snug. How many times you wrap will vary on what size rubber bands you have. If you use thick rubber bands, you can get away with just using one.


You can use regular rubber bands and metal binder clips, but from trail and error, here is what we discovered why hair rubber bands and soft grip clips are better:

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