How to Make Your Own Bedroom Headboard

If you enjoy DIYs, then you might want to make the next weekend a productive one for you  by making a Trim Headboard for your family

Making your own Nailhead Trim headboard is nice, but to really enjoy doing it, you might want to enlist the help of some of your family members.

Make sure you choose a weekend that you're free  and buy everything you need before the weekend, so that you can get the work done in one day.

How to Make a DIY Nailhead Trim Headboard

What You Need: – 4 x 8 foot piece of plywood, about 1 inch thick – 3 yards of upholstery fabric – 4 yards of quilt batting – Nail head trim – Rubber mallet

– Staple gun – Scissors – Wood saw – Jigsaw cutting tool (optional)


Cut the Plywood We have a king-sized bed measuring 70 inches wide so the plywood pieces need to be cut to the same width.

On top of that wide, the batting and fabric add around extra inch or two so the finished headboard will extend past your mattress. If you want it to even further, just make the plywood wider.

Use a Jigsaw Tool to Shape the Headboard You have a choice at this point and go a for the simple and easy option of a square headboard but you can also consider a more softer look by cutting the corners of the headboard.

Ok, I cheated on this part - my dad a tool just for this job and is quite handy with it so we decided to curve the top of the headboard.

Optional Step - Build Legs for the Headboard Now, this step is optional - if you want to hang your headboard you can skip ahead. However, my dad being handy with tools and being a bit of a perfectionist, he decided to build some legs for the headboard to stand on. 

This meant there wasn't the need to nail anything in our brand new wall. We had some 4 x 1 planks in the garage that he nailed into the back of the headboard. This just mean that we could leave the headboard as it is or shave off the bottom of the legs if the board was too high.

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