How You Can Make Your Own Photo Magnets

There were some great photo magnets on Pinterest, and I thought this would be a fun project. They are not hard to make and don't take much of your time. You can give them to your family and friends as gifts.

Whether it's for someone's Christmas or birthday gift, these photo magnets make wonderful gifts for your family or friends.

If you don't print your phone's photos out often, these magnets are perfect for you.

How To Make Your Own Photo Magnets

Things You’ll Need

– Whiteboard (Art supply store like Hobby Lobby and Michaels sell full 32×40 sheets of mat board, which can get you A LOT of mini polaroid magnets! Any local craft and framing stores often sell scrap mat boards. There are also colored mat boards if you prefer those. Just have the colored side face the back.

– Craft knife or box cutter/utility knife with a fresh blade – Any straight edge or ruler (I prefer a metal ruler with a cork bottom, it slips less) – A self-healing cutting mat (not required, but helpful) – Spray adhesive (my fav is 3 M’s Super 77)

– Adhesive-backed magnet material (You can get the ones sized for business cards from office supply stores) – Scissor or Xacto knife – Photo paper – Software: Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Illustrator or Gimp. – A printer

Follow These Steps

Step 1: Go through your phone and see what photos you’d like to use (this may be the most challenging part for some of you) and paste them onto a template. You can find a variety of templates on Pinterest or make them yourself.

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