Our DIY Family Toy Story Costumes


We always have so much fun dressing up for Halloween as a family, and this year is no exception.

My son has chosen to be Woody from Toy Story, and my husband and I are going to dress up as the other characters from the movie.

We wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive, so I came up with some easy DIY costumes for less than $20 even without sewing!

My Son’s Woody Outfit

I found a Woody outfit that was on sale. To be honest, the price of the fabric would have been more than what I paid for the entire outfit. That was the easy one!

My Jessie the Cowgirl Costume

I picked Jessie the cowgirl to accompany my son Woody.

For my outfit, I already have an old button-down dress shirt, a pair of flared jeans, a pair of brown boots and a brown belt. To finish the outfit I bought these items for $15.

First, I lay the yellow fabric over the top front of the white shirt to outline the shape I wanted.

Then cut the shape and glue the yellow fabric over the white shirt.

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