Try Out These Cool DIY Bulldozer Costumes


You know when your kids start to grow up a little, they start wanting to choose their own costume My son is finally old enough this Halloween to do so and he loves anything that is construction related..

Guess what he wanted to be? A bulldozer! It was no surprise since he was talking construction stuff all the time. Right away, this has to be a DIY project! You probably find some DIY bulldozer costumes off of Pinterest. It's not really difficult to make since you can use a cardboard box and DIY it yourself.

You can also do a quick Google image search to see some costumes for ideas.  This one image that came across was a super adorable bulldozer costume. Right away, this costume has to be created.

Cool DIY Bulldozer Costumes


– Box cutter – Scissors – Hot glue gun and glue – Large cardboard box (make sure it fits over your child) – Yellow spray paint – Grey craft paint (optional) – Black ribbon – Black Construction paper

– 2 packs of a three-piece paper round mâché box set (can be found at Michaels for $3 each; if they can’t be found, the bottom of an oatmeal box or any other round cardboard container will work great) – Aluminum foil – Printer paper and access to a computer with printer


First, you have to cut the top flaps off of the box. Do not throw the flaps aways since these will be used for the front bucket parts. Then you need to cut the bottom of the box so you can have a center hole for the body to fit through

For the bucket piece, you will need the flaps you cut in the beginning and two small ones for the sides. Cut out the notches in one of the flap pieces for the teeth of the bulldozer bucket.

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