DIY Baby Toy: Soft Blocks

Some of you mamas might not know how to sew or think you can't sew, but anyone can learn. It may sound intimidating to some of you but it is the best experience.

Two years ago, when I was pregnant with my second daughter, Lilah, my mother-in-law and I decided to make her bedding since I couldn't find the ones I like. If you are struggling to find one, you can always make one. Making it is better than buying one.

I didn't make her bedding but bought the materials for my mother-in-law to do it. However, I did a soft baby block which was a project I did all by myself. With the leftover material, it was made into a fun toy for Lilah.


– 6 pieces of 5×5 inch squares of fabric per block – Appliques (optional) – Fabric pen – Scissors

– Sewing machine – Iron (optional) – Measuring tape or yard stick – Polyfill


Step 1: Make a template, so you don't mess up the cube. You can use cardstock to help you. With the cardstock, you measure a 5 x 5 square block with 1/4 added to each side for the seams.

Step 2:  Use the cardstock template you made and cut the fabric.

Step 3: Assemble how you want your squares to look like on the block. Once everything is line up, you can start pinning them right side in.

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