Disgusting Things That Will Make You Want to End a Relationship


Love is an amazing, beautiful thing — until someone does something so disgustingly gross that it makes you want to end the relationship altogether.

Sure, everyone has different senses of humor and different “gross-out” barriers, but some things are just SO disgusting they almost have a universal agreement as being too much.

If you’re in a relationship and wonder what you should draw the line at (or if your current significant other may have crossed it)

check out this list of 12 most disgusting things that, according to Reddit, will make anyone run for the hills!

#1. Black Mould on Toothbrush – 20.4k Votes

It had black mould growing on it and the bristles were so flat the toothbrush had a middle parting

told him to get a new toothbrush but when I stayed at his house two weeks later the cursed toothbrush was still there…so I ended it.”

#2. Vomit Inducing Bad Breath – 15.3k Votes

The second most upvoted response was Redditor, Masstransience’s. They said, “Her breath was so bad I couldn’t make out with her. All I could think of was “don’t vomit, don’t vomit.”

#3. Hated Mint – 14.5k Votes

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