Flying With Babies & Toddlers: How to Deal With Airport Security


This is the second part of a three-part series helping parents who travel through airports with babies and children. Here is a link to Part 1 and Part 3.

This part of the series focuses on airport security.

Hopefully, airport security should only take a few minutes. Still, it can be one of the most stressful parts of a trip, especially when you have young children.

The best tactic is to be knowledgeable, prepared, and have a plan. If you are traveling with your partner, agree on who is responsible for what.

How to Navigate TSA and Airport Security

Always try to keep your calm and be polite to the TSA’s. They can make this go smoother or become a problem you just don’t need.

The TSA website is a great resource worth reading before you travel. It’s well organized, clear, and concise. It lays out the requirements and recommendations for going through airport security.

Airport Security

All strollers will need to be screened. The TSA preference is through the x-ray machine, but if your stroller is too large, it will be screened by visual/physical inspection.

This means you need to be familar with how your stroller folds down and, in some cases, disassembly.

You may be asked to remove covers, wheels, or handles to allow the stroller to fit through the x-ray machine.

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