Is He Wrong for Stopping His Girlfriend From Telling His Daughter What She Can Wear?

A father recently took to the Am I The A**Hole (AITA) subthread on Reddit to ask the community whether he was an AH for telling his girlfriend she’s not allowed to tell his daughter what she can and can’t wear.

The original poster (OP) explains that he was leaving town for a camping trip. He left his 16-year-old daughter and long-time girlfriend at home together for the weekend while he was away.

OP said he has been with his girlfriend for over three years, and they decided to move in together six months ago.

Usually, everything is fine between the three, but drama ensued after he left for the weekend.

OP had given his daughter approval to go to a party on Saturday. However, the girlfriend had something to say when the daughter was ready to leave and join her friends at the party.

OP explained that when his girlfriend saw what the daughter looked like, she immediately made her change out of her “provocative” clothing and wash off her makeup.

As a widower and single father, the OP may feel he is responsible for raising his daughter and ensuring that she is well taken care of.

This may lead him to be protective of his daughter and to want to maintain control over her upbringing and well-being.