Was Mom An A**Hole For Saying No to Her Daughter When She Wanted to Return Home Since She Couldn’t Afford Rent?

A recent thread on the Am I The A**hole (AITA) subreddit saw a mother asking if she was in the wrong for not letting their daughter move back home.

This mother has three children, two girls aged 25 and 13 and a 16-year-old son. Three years ago, their oldest daughter moved out with her boyfriend, and they got an apartment.

Her daughter had been with her boyfriend for four years before that, and the mother stresses, “it wasn’t like she ran off with some guy she just met.”

The parents supported their daughter’s decision, as she was old enough and working full time. The issue, however, stems from rent.

Since her daughter moved out, the rent in their area has more than doubled.

Recently her daughter’s landlord raised the rent by 40% in 3 months, and they could no longer afford to stay there.

The mother says they weren’t swimming in cash before the rent increase, and they need more to cover initial rent payments on top of a security deposit for a new apartment, not that there’s much in their price range anyway.

Initially, her daughter planned to move in with her boyfriend’s parents for a few months to save money and look for a cheap apartment.