15 Dark Reasons Women Feel Trapped in Their Marriages


Marriage is arguably one of the most challenging relationships in our world.

There is a lot at stake, and many unconsciously make the mistake of allowing their egos to compete for supremacy.

This is always a recipe for disaster, and many marriage failures today can be traced to the silliness of egos.

However, what makes marriage far more complex than other relationships is that countless other issues may cause spouses to resent each other.

Based on the advice of a couples therapist, here are 15 possible reasons women could develop hatred for their husbands.

1. Flirts With Other Women

Flirting with other women is a no-no for any marriage that wants to thrive.

2. Refuses Her Sex

A healthy sex life is integral to any marriage because it helps build a deeper connection between spouses.

If there has to be a break, it has to be adequately communicated.

3. He Cheats

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