20 Scary Stories For Kids To Entertain and Spook Them

Reading scary stories for kids aloud can be great for a Halloween story or any time of the year!

It’s fun to watch kids getting wrapped up in the suspense of an eerie story with all the twists and turns thrilling tales have to offer.

The following is a list of scary stories to tell kids that everyone in the family can listen to and enjoy.

Grab your hot cocoa and sit around a campfire or inside with blankets. Dim the lights to get the full frightening effect of sharing creepy stories.

1. Clap Clap

Clap clap is a Paranormal story about a husband and wife who went hiking in the mountains and realized they were lost after a few hours.

2. Bloody Finger

Bloody Finger (also called The Ghost With the Bloody Finger) is about a hotel room on the 13th floor that people believe is haunted.

3. The Hairy Toe

An old woman dug up vegetables in her garden to use for dinner. As she dug, she discovered a hairy toe. The old lady thought she could make a delicious stew with the hairy toe, so she took it to the kitchen and used it with other ingredients.

4. The Yellow Ribbon

A girl named Jane wore a yellow ribbon around her neck since she was three years old. A boy who knew Jane since she was a child often asked her why she wore a ribbon around her neck every day, but she wouldn’t tell him.

5. The Emerald Ring

A young woman received a beautiful emerald ring from her fiance, a very loving and generous man. Unfortunately, the woman became ill close to the wedding and passed away.

6. Rap Rap Rap

A woman inherited an old house from her aunt, who passed away. When she started moving into the home, the neighbors keep warning her that it was a haunted house.

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