Her Cousin Burnt Her Textbook So She Put Spicy Pepper Juice in His Underwear, Are They Even?

A young woman got revenge on her combative cousin by putting pepper juice in his underwear after he burned her textbook.

A few years ago, a young woman’s cousins moved in with her and her family.

The house originally was the young woman, her sister, stepdad, and mom.

Her father’s girlfriend could no longer handle living with one of the children, Rick, who was 16 years old, so he moved in with the young woman’s family.

Rick was constantly combative and tried to assert his dominance over the young woman and her sister, although he was always unsuccessful.

One day, Rick burned the young woman’s school textbook while attempting to cook noodles. The young woman’s mother forced her to pay for the damaged textbook.

While partly at fault for leaving the book near the stove, she was still angry and spent the week thinking of a way to get revenge.

During this time, she became increasingly fed up with Rick’s lack of personal hygiene, as he had not showered for at least two weeks, and his odor was becoming unbearable.