Was He an A**hole for Sticking Up for His White Brother When Confronted With His Grandparents Racism?

A recent post on the Am I The A**hole (AITA) Subreddit saw a devoted brother asking if he was in the wrong for bringing up something he knew his grandparents didn’t want to hear.

This devoted brother is 26 years old and has a big family.

When he was seven, his dad and mom adopted his cousin (on his mom’s side), as his mother was treating him incredibly poorly and not looking after him.

His cousin became his brother, but sadly, his dad became estranged from most of his family.

He explains it like this: “My brother is white. Dad is black. Mom is white. And my sisters and I are dark skinned. But we are biracial, obviously.”

His dad’s side of the family didn’t want him to take in a white child, and when he did, they slowly became estranged over time.

They hadn’t seen or heard from that side of the family in years until recently.

An aunt contacted him and his sisters, explaining that their grandparents wanted to see them because they were old and ill.