Comparing Travel Booster Seats: Mifold vs. Bubble Bum

The stress of having the luggage and kids’ seats is just beyond words. You don’t know if the seat is going to be damaged or dirty.

If you have rented a convertible car seat before, you might have run into problems before. This is why you need to start looking for an option when this doesn’t work.

Most backless booster seats are still bulky to fly with or too big to stash in a backpack. The majority of them are not approved to be used on an airplane.

People end up checking or shoving them into the overhead bin which tends to be left behind. People do forget.

Through all the problems of searching and finding what is suitable for this situation, Bubble Bum came to the rescue. This is a backless travel booster seat that is inflatable. It has little clip thingies on both sides to secure the seat belt in the correct position.

It’s pretty compact since it can be rolled up. When you roll it up it’s about half of its fully-inflated size and fits inside a fabric cinch bag that is included.

Even though it takes up a chunk in your backpack, it is easy to fly with since it’s not heavy. If you are short on space, you can attach it to a backpack strap with a carabiner.

Thanks to Bubble Bum, it made air travel and rental car trips easier. However, there were some problems that can arise. For example, our boy struggles to stay physically in the booster seat. When the car turns at a corner, he tends to slide off as if he was riding a balloon. It does it’s job for the most part, but how safe is it for the kid?

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