Are You Filing Taxes? The Child Tax Credit Can Save You Thousands


The child tax credit, often known as the “Kiddie Credit,” is a federal government benefit to assist eligible parents with qualifying dependent children in the United States.

It was first issued in 1997 and has been greatly expanded as part of the 2021 American Rescue Plan.

Whether you are wondering how much you could get back or if you even qualify for the credit, keep reading!

Child Tax Credit

This article will answer all of your questions about the child tax credit, including the qualifying criteria, maximum credit amounts, and how to claim it on your taxes.

What Is the Child Tax Credit?

The child tax credit is a tax break available to parents in the United States.

It’s a credit rather than a deduction because it reduces taxes paid, not taxable income.

How Much Can I Get for the Child Tax Credit?

If you are filing your 2021 taxes now, you are in luck.

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