She Told Her Dad She Would Never Forgive Him if He Made Them Go to Family Court While Her Mom Had Cancer

A recent thread on the Am I The A**hole (AITA) subreddit saw a teenager asking if she was in the wrong for telling her dad she would never forgive him if he took her grandparents to court.

#1. A Sad Start

The teenage girl in question is 16. Her mom has recently been diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, which has sadly spread throughout her body.

#2. Care At Home

Her mom put up a good fight, but about a month ago, her doctors decided it would be best if she went home on hospice – her mom agreed.

#3. Grandparents to the Rescue

Since her diagnosis, her mom has had multiple treatments for cancer at the hospital. During this time, the teenager’s grandparents took temporary custody of her because her mom was too ill to look after her.

#4. Life at Her Dads