12 Life Lessons Boomers Can Learn from Gen Z


As Baby Boomers, we often think we know it all. After all, our generation has seen it all – from the civil rights movement to the technological revolution and everything in between.

We are resilient and knowledgeable about what works and how to get things done.

However, Gen Z might have something to teach us when it comes to life skills and world views. If you’re curious what the younger generation can teach Boomers, read on.

1. Gen Z is the Most Diverse Generation Ever

According to Pew Research Center, 56% of Gen Z is non-white, compared to just 38% of baby boomers.

2. They Are More Open to Change

Gen Z has grown up in a time of rapid change, and as a result, they are more open to change than any other generation.

3. Gen Z Are Way More Tolerant of Others

Gen Z is the most tolerant generation ever, according to Pew Research Center.

They are more accepting of people who are different from them, whether it be in terms of race, religion, or sexuality.

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