How Gen Z and Millennials are Changing the Game and Boomers Can Too


As Baby Boomers, we often think we know it all. After all, our generation has seen it all – from the civil rights movement to the technological revolution and everything in between.

However, both Gen Z and Millennials might have something to teach us when it comes to life skills and world views.

If you’re curious what the younger generation can teach Boomers, read on.

#1. The Power of Social Media

Baby Boomers may have missed the social media revolution, and perhaps many think that people their age should be using different things than Gen Z and Millennials.

#2. Embracing Change

There’s no doubt that Baby Boomers have seen their fair share of change. They remember a time before the internet and cell phones.

#3. Technology Adoption

The younger generation are no strangers to technology, from the phones in their pockets to the computers on their desks.

#4. Flexible Work Schedules

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