Boomer and Millennial Generation Gap? These 12 Issues Prove Age is Just a Number

It seems like Boomers and Millennials couldn’t be any different! When you add Gen Z to the mix, you know there’s going to be an argument.

Let’s find out what they have in common. One Redditor asked, “What’s your most ‘I’m with the Boomers on this’ opinion?”

This post got almost 36K upvotes and 26.5K comments. People seemed to have a LOT to say about this topic.

Based on that post, here are the top 12 things millennials and boomers can definitely agree on.

1. Give us a Real Menu, Not a QR Code – 56.5K Votes

The number 1 spot goes to the QR code for a restaurant menu. Nobody seems to like this one! Ghosteleee wrote, “I’m not downloading a ****ing app to use your menu.”

2. We Don’t Need Our Cars to Have Screens – 54.3K Votes

Ancient_Wisdom_Yall stated, “Most features in cars should have buttons. I want to turn on my heated seat with a button and not scroll through three screens.”