Men Reveal: The 10 Biggest Dealbreakers in a Girl


Are you a single lady in the dating game? Haven’t been having much luck recently, and wondering why?

Could it be something on your end that’s turning guys away? Well, ladies, wonder no more!

We’ve taken input from the experts – real men – what puts them off when it comes to potential girlfriends and have compiled a list of their ten biggest dealbreakers.

#1 “Entitlement” - 26.8k

Neowynd101262 says "Entitlement" AhFourFeckSakeLads replied, "Spot on. Run like hell."

#2. “Being rude or disrespectful without a reason.” - 24.7k

Koevsocks response was the second most popular, they said, “Being rude or disrespectful without a reason.”

#3 “Lying” - 20.1k

Anomaly1134 gave the third most up voted response. They said, “Lying. Being Flakey. Talking negatively about everything and everyone. Treating a server poorly.”

#4 “when she blames everyone for her own mistakes” - 19.0k

Laussen-gram contribution was, “When she blames everyone for her own mistakes.” Mickey_thebish replied, “For me this goes with any gender. and friends to. Like no bye.”

#5 “My roommate invited a girl over and she just barks "MAKE ME A DRINK" at him.” - 18.5k

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