Much Better Than Wallpaper: A Cool Stencil Giveaway

If you are having a baby and are working on the nursery room, you need to listen up! When it comes to a nursery room, there are so many ways to decorate and design it.

You have the walls, furniture, lighting, toys, and so on. If you have a nursery room and want to do something about it, you might like this idea and fall in love with it.

Have you ever heard of a stencil wall? They are gorgeous and make the room stand out. You should try making one wall an accent.

Much Better Than Wallpaper: A Cool Stencil Giveaway

For this project, the wall was painted light pink for a little girl's room. A darker pink stencil would be over the top so it stands out more. Overall, you just want to have fun with it. It is a fun project to do in your home to beautify the space.

If you want to be extra fancy, you can add the silver metallic paint OVER the dark pink when doing the stencil. You might want to practice on it a bit more because it does take time.

First, you have to paint the walls, and you want to do a double coat. If a family member comes around to see what you are doing. You should stop them and ask for help. An extra hand is better than one.

When you are done painting the primary color, it is time to stencil. This one can be the most challenging part.  You have to tape and make sure it is straight.

Since there was only one area of the wall where we would be able to do a full row – top to bottom – the family decided it would be best to start there.

Just clip the stencil level to the bottom of the stencil and tape it to the wall, so it would stay in place. if you have someone to measure and keep it straight, that would be even better.

Once the stencil is taped perfectly to the wall, you can start painting. You want to dip the roller in the paint first. Then wipe off the excess paint on either a paper towel or a piece of cardboard.

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