300 of the Best Family Would You Rather Questions


Hanging out with friends is always a great time, but at some point, the party can start to lull.

A game of “Would You Rather” is a fun and spicy way to jazz up your next get-together and have a great time with your friends. Plus, it’s also fun to get to know them more.

Another cool thing about this game is that “Would You Rather” questions don’t need to be formal or professional.

Just think of questions about literally anything and shoot them to your friends!

But, if the cat’s got your tongue and you find yourself struggling to come up with questions for your upcoming gathering, we’ve got you.

The Best Would You Rather Questions

Deep Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather have to say every thought in your head or not be able to speak?

2. Would you rather meet yourself in the past or see yourself in the future?

3. Would you rather die young today with lots of friends or die old but with no loved ones?

4. Would you rather not be able to laugh or not be able to cry?

Weather-Related Would You Rather Questions

30. Would you rather sleep in a treehouse in a windstorm or sleep in a boat thunderstorm?

31. Would you rather be caught in a typhoon or a massive earthquake?

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