This Blueprint Will Accelerate Your Mastery of Good Money Habits


It’s no secret that money plays a role in all of our lives daily, but not always in obvious ways.

From the clothes you wear to the type of work you do, even down to the brand of dish soap you use, money guides countless decisions that shape our lives.

The omnipresence of money sets the stage for the vital importance of financial literacy.

Financial literacy — familiarity with fundamental money topics — is precisely the knowledge base we need to navigate this money-driven world. Unfortunately, this critical skill set is in short supply.

What Is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy encompasses a range of money management knowledge and skills that help people manage their money.

Budgeting, debt, investing, credit, and more all fall under this umbrella.

Financially literate people understand the core mechanics of their finances and can use that understanding to make informed money decisions.

Benefits of Financial Literacy

There is no single purpose of financial literacy. In truth, there are many. Studies have shown that financial literacy has a clear positive impact on household wealth.

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