7 Best Countries To Live In 2023

There are many countries in the world, but not all are great places to live in. Right? Let’s be honest; relocating or living abroad is more complex than it sounds.

Many factors can make a country a good place for expats, including the availability of job opportunities, affordability, quality of life, healthy living, and safety. Some countries are also known for their welcoming attitudes toward expats and livability.

In contrast, others may face challenges in terms of health infrastructure, crime rate, language barriers, etc., in a foreign country.


The Netherlands has consistently ranked the best place to live in the world, especially if you are a family or want to have one. Here is why we gave it the top spot


The second place goes to Switzerland, a Central European country famous among tourists and one of the best places to relocate.


Canada is known for excellent healthcare, low crime rate, and high quality of life. And this is why it is an attractive option for families wanting to settle in a different country.


You may be surprised that Denmark ranks high in the quality of life index and in the Safety and Security Subcategory.


The motto of the Swedish is "Not too much and not too little." Sweden is one of our favorites and it is not just a tourist destination. It has a high standard of living but that doesn't come cheap. Expect to pay approximately 10,000 SEK for a single person (exclusive of rent).

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