20 Signs You’re a Bad Parent (Your Kids Will Remember)


If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve had more than a few moments when things aren’t quite right in the parenting world.

Whether it’s the lack of sleep catching up to you during preschool pickup or worrying about how many hours your teenager spends on social media, it can be hard to know if everything is normal or something needs to change.

On a recent Reddit thread, ForYourAttention asked the community, “What screams “I’m a bad parent”?

Here are the top 20 voted responses.

1. Not Saying Sorry – 37.3k Votes

Redditor, SuvenPan said that a sign of a bad parent is “Never saying sorry to the kid when the parents make a mistake.” Fellow Redditor Elizabethhill82 added, “Parents who can’t apologize to a child.

2. You Use Your Children – 36.3k Votes

Puzzleheaded_Rip_778’s contribution was to say, “Using children as pawns in divorces or separations.”

3. Using Your Child as Therapy – 29.2k Votes

The third most voted sign of being a bad parent was from TwentyThreePandas who said, “Treating your kid as your therapist.”

4. Being Too Open About Your Children – 29.1k Votes

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