12 Fun and Simple Christmas Activities for Kids

Time with your kids is always well spent, but that is especially true during the holidays. Do-it-yourself projects can be overwhelming, but these Christmas activities for kids are simple and fun for the whole family.

Most of the materials and items needed in these activities you will have in your home already, but if not, everything will be easy to find.

Christmas Tree Noodle

Items needed: Bowtie pasta Green acrylic paint Cookie sheet (or pan) Construction paper (or cardboard) This look is about simplicity and minimalism, which can create a feeling of openness and spaciousness.

Popcorn Garland for Your Christmas Tree

Items needed: Popcorn Sewing thread Plastic sewing needle Fresh cranberries

Christmas Candy Sorting Game

Items needed: Various holiday candies Large jar or cup Timer (use your phone)

Tallest Tower

The Tallest Tower is a Fun engineering and building game for every age. Items needed: Plastic cups

Ornament Counting Mats

Items needed: Foam Christmas Ornaments Sharpie Mini ornaments Glue

Santa’s Sleigh Automaton

KiwiCo is well known for making some of the best educational toys for kids. Items needed: KiwiCo Santa’s Sleigh

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