10 Phrases You Should Stop Saying to Your Kids Today


Everyone wants to be the best parent they can be.

Sometimes, when heated situations arise, people can say things that they don’t necessarily mean, but that can do lasting damage, especially to children.

1. "You’re Being a Bad Child"

The term “bad” carries negative connotations that can damage your child’s sense of self-worth if they hear it too often.

2. "Maybe Later"

Parents often say this to their kids to delay their inevitable “no.”

Parents already know that they are going to say no to their kids; they just want to avoid the meltdown and hope the child will forget they asked.

3. "Good Job"

Good job has always been a positive phrase used with children, but it can actually be harmful to their development in some cases. If you tell your child “good job!”

6. "Because I Said So"

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