She Wants to Know Whether She Was in the Wrong for Announcing Her Pregnancy at Her Sister’s Wedding

The original poster (OP) explained that she was 32, her sister 28, and they’ve always been incredibly close.

When this woman found out she was pregnant, her sister was the first person she told (other than her husband).

She told her sister the week after she got a positive pregnancy test, three months before her wedding.

She told her sister she would tell her parents and in-laws around the ten-week mark, but her sister told her to hold off announcing it until her wedding in September.

At that point, she would be around four months along in her pregnancy, so she wouldn’t be showing.

Her sister thought it would be so special for her to be able to make an announcement about a “special guest” at her wedding – the special guest being her first niece or nephew and their parent’s first grandbaby!

The OP agreed because it seemed to mean a lot to her sister. They were very close siblings, and she was happy to do that for her.

Sadly her first trimester was awful – constant morning sickness and exhaustion. All she wanted was to talk about it with her mom, but she was willing to grin and bear the pain for her sister’s wedding.

Months passed, and the wedding finally came along. Around halfway through the night, she asked her sister when the pregnancy announcement was happening, but her sister told her she’d changed her mind and didn’t think her wedding was a good time or place to announce it.

She was incredibly upset to hear this since she’d been through an awful first trimester with only her sister and husband to lean on. She decided she wouldn’t put the announcement on hold any longer, just for her sister.

She and her husband pulled her parents aside and quietly told them. She told her parents to keep it private for the evening, and they were thrilled: lots of hugs and a few tears for a touching intimate moment. No one else found out until she announced it on Facebook, over a week later.

After she made that Facebook post, her sister found out that she’d told their parents about the pregnancy at the wedding. Her dad let it slip.

Once her sister found out, she started texting the OP, calling an expletive and accusing her of trying to steal her thunder, making the wedding about her instead of her sister.

They haven’t spoken since. The woman has offered out so many olive branches to her sister, messaging her and apologizing over a dozen times since then, but her sister refuses to talk to her. Her sister won’t even come and see her little nephew, who is about a month old.

The OP’s parents and husband think she did nothing wrong since her sister went back on her word. They think she should just wait it out, and her sister will come around, but she’s unsure as this has made her sister so upset, and they were so close before

She ends her post by clarifying that she wasn’t trying to be petty, vindictive, or spiteful. She was shocked and upset when her sister told her she wasn’t announcing the pregnancy. She’d kept it a secret for over two months because of her sister’s promise and desperately wanted to tell her mom.

At that moment, she couldn’t wait any longer after already waiting so long at the whims of someone who wasn’t even involved in the pregnancy. Her sister didn’t find out until a week later when her parents told her – they kept her secret well and didn’t create a scene

So, was she she in the wrong?

Redditors overwhelmingly sided with the OP in this story, with most people saying she was correct for doing what she did.

The top-rated comment said, “I was all set to say you don’t announce that at a wedding thinking you grabbed a mic and told the whole wedding. You didn’t. You told your parents. Just them. And it clearly didn’t create a fuss at the wedding because your sister didn’t even know until a week later when your parents told her.”

They went on to add, “You know what happened here, right? Your sister didn’t want you to steal any of her wedding thunder leading up to the wedding. She saw this as her time and the focus was supposed to be on her upcoming life event, not yours. That’s why she told you not to tell anyone at all and then she’d announce it at the wedding. I don’t think she ever planned to announce. It was just a way to keep you from telling anyone so she could be the center of attention for months.”

What do you think about this story? Was her sister being a bridezilla, or should she have waited to tell her parents about her pregnancy?

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