Electrifying Prank? ‘Ankle Monitor for Kids’ Sparks Controversy and Confusion Online

One product has gone viral for shocking the Twitterverse, with some not getting the joke! A TikTok video shows an “ankle monitor for kids,” even suggesting that you can shock your child at any time by using an app.

A Viral Video Shocks the World

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A TikTok video made by @shampoooty is going around that’s got everyone talking, reshared by @legboot on Twitter.

A Disturbing Idea

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The video starts off normal, but then it gets weird by suggesting ankle monitors for children.

Humble Beginnings?

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The video shows a text that reads, “If you’re a parent and struggling to sleep at night.” Sounds innocent enough right? 

Controlling Your Child

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“I bet it’s because they will not stay in their rooms,” the text and voice goes on to say.

Shocking the Audience and the Child

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The video starts to talk about putting ankle monitors on kids’ legs and even making them feel a small shock.

More Weird Stuff

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There’s an app mentioned that can track and control kids’ behaviour, making things even creepier.

Trickery on Walmart Shelves

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They show someone taking the product from a Walmart shelf to make it seem real.

The Real Twist?

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It turns out the product is a joke set by a prankster on TikTok, but of course, Twitter got offended anyway.

Real Concern, Fake Product

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People on Twitter really believe it’s true and get upset, thinking kids are being treated badly.

Insanity? It’s A Joke!

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One user said, “Ankle monitor on a baby is insane.”

Hilarious Takes

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Another user made the hilarious connection between ankle monitors and the popular kids channel “Cocomelon,” suggesting the brand name, “Cocofelon” for the product.

More Hilarious “Products”

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Originally posted by @shampoooty on Instagram, you can find more hilarious fake products for kids.

Lock Them Up!

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Sharomka

Other dark humour products include a “swing catapult” and even a pair of handcuffs to keep your little ones in place!

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