When Her Students Told to Her Back Off, She Did Just That! Now They’ve Missed Their Deadline and Are Blaming Her for Their Failure!

She’s an expert in her field and decided to give back to the community by sharing her knowledge. But when a group of kids challenged her authority she let them fail.

She’s Giving Back to the Community

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Katy is a well-respected member of the IT community. With years of experience under her belt, she decided to give back to the community by mentoring young minds interested in technology.

While she primarily mentored adults, she also wanted to take on the challenge of mentoring kids.

Growing Fields

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It was no secret that the fields of IT and STEM were growing in popularity, and more and more people wanted to get into these fields. There were several boot camps, hackathons, and mentoring programs available for all ages.

She Decided to Mentor Some Kids

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Katy signed up as a mentor in a program that taught kids how to code with blocks, what AI was, and how to develop an MVP.

It may sound complicated, but for an educated professional with years of experience, explaining these concepts to children was not be too difficult.

A Good Opportunity for the Youth

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The program was designed to give kids credits that could help them get into better schools or be eligible for university scholarships later in life.

Katy felt that this was an excellent opportunity for these young minds, and she was excited to get started.

Her Two Teams

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Katy was assigned two teams; Team A consisted of primary to early middle schoolers, while Team B consisted of high schoolers.

Both teams had five members, and Katy had to mentor them on how to develop an MVP project.

The Smart Kids

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Katy was excited about mentoring Team A, but she was worried about mentoring high schoolers in Team B.

These were not ordinary high schoolers; they were the cream of the crop, the ones who had more on their plates than most people could handle. She felt that they were going to be difficult to work with.

Oh, Dear!

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Her worries only got worse when she found out that the parents of the Team A members were required to attend the meetings.

Parents could be overbearing, often interfering with the mentor’s work.

Team A Were Great Students

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Surprisingly, Team A showed great promise. Despite their age, they were eager to learn, and they were receptive to Katy’s teaching.

They attended all meetings and responded to Katy’s assignments. Katy was pleased with their progress, and she felt that they were on track to submit their MVPs before the deadline.

Team B Was Not

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Team B, on the other hand, started well, but they gradually stopped showing up for meetings. They read assignments, but they did not respond to them.

Katy understood that they had exams and other commitments, but she felt that they were disregarding her time. Katy was a professional, but she was also a volunteer.

She had no incentive to work with these kids other than to see them succeed.

She Was Doing Her Job

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Katy sent several messages asking for updates on the project. She warned them of the upcoming deadline and urged them to submit their projects before the deadline.

She reminded them that the program required them to submit their MVPs before the middle of April. She sent these messages because she felt that it was her responsibility to remind them of the deadline.

They Said What?!

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Sam, the self-appointed leader of Team B, replied to one of Katy’s messages, “Uhm, Hi, Katy! I know that you probably mean well, but you only bother the team with those deadline messages. Can’t you, like, chill out? When we need you, we will contact you. Just get off our hair and let us do our job. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings; it is what it is. <3”

What an Insane Message

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Sam’s message took Katy aback. She had never experienced someone speaking to her in such a manner. She was a professional and wanted respect.

She responded politely, informing Sam that she would stop messaging the team if that caused tension within the group. Katy was not one to cause unnecessary tension, but the deadline was fast approaching.

They Just Didn’t Care

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Sam replied, “Just stop, OK?? Geez, X” Katy was disappointed by Sam’s response, but she decided to comply entirely with their wishes.

So She Decided to Follow Their Demands

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Katy responded that she would stop messaging if it caused tension within the team, but she reinforced the deadline was still on the 15th, and the site would reject any application after that date.

Team A Knocked It Out of the Park

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After Sam’s message, Katy did not write anything to Team B.

She had scheduled no meetings, updates, or checkups about the curriculum/their understanding, and definitely not a written reminder of the deadline once.

The deadline came, Team A uploaded their project with no issues, and their parents even bought Katy a nice box of chocolate as a “Thank you” gesture.

Team B Shot Themselves in the Foot

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However, Team B started bombarding her with messages, asking for help because “something is wrong with the site! We can’t upload our project!”

She’d Warned Them, After All

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Katy entered the chat and said, “Yes, it will not upload. No, it is not an issue with the site. The deadline has passed, so if you try to upload, it will only show you an error message. I warned you, kids!”

They Were Salty

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Team B ended up with no extra credits, no nothing. The rules of the program were simple, and there were no exceptions for any reason!

Team B tried to blame Katy, saying that as a mentor, it was her job to ensure they would succeed.

She’d Just Done What Was Asked of Her!

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Luckily she had all their communication in writing, so they didn’t have a leg to stand on. She reminded them all that her job as a mentor was to provide support and guidance, keep track of their progress, and remind them of the deadlines – which they’d requested she not do!

Katy was simply respecting their boundaries and doing what they wanted; they’d simply shot themselves in the foot. A fantastic tale of Malicious compliance gone right!

What do you think about this tale of malicious compliance? She was simply following orders!

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