This Guy Told His Friend to Shove Off…Was He Wrong?

Friendships have their ups and downs. However, when one friend repeatedly pressures the other, and the other refuses to respond, it can create tension in the relationship. Recently, a person took to Reddit asking if he was wrong to tell his friend to “shove off.” Here’s the full story.

Best Friends

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The story begins with the original poster’s friend, who is attending university and requesting repeatedly that OP comes to visit.

OP is a stay-at-home guy who hates travel, and his friend knows this about him.

Plus, both these friends have been childhood best friends since the age of 7.

Things Change

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But things have become sour recently as both friends are getting on with their lives.

The friend has asked OP to visit him many times, but OP was usually busy.

Sometimes he declines because he doesn’t feel like going.

He Had to Cancel Plans

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The university friend accuses the stay-at-home friend of never showing up or canceling plans.

OP believes that his university friend thinks he has all the free time in the world because he is not in university yet.

He Agrees to Meet

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Eventually, after several declined requests, the stay-at-home friend offered to meet in the town where the university friend lives, which is only a 15-minute drive away from OP.

Things Take a Turn

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But the university friend declined and insisted that the stay-at-home friend visit him at the university, which is a three-hour long journey.

OP refused this request and pointed out that it would take him a long time, and it would be a big effort on his part.

Friends Accuses Him

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But then the university friend accused him of having no other commitments, saying “You have time for it, you have nothing else to do.”

OP told him to “bugger off,” and said he was being ridiculous.

Broken Friendship

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Since then, the two friends have not been in contact, and the university friend did not even wish OP a happy birthday.

OP has been hurt ever since and took to Reddit to see if he was on the wrong end.

He Says His Friend Doesn’t Make an Effort

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OP shared that he is aware that it won’t take him very far to visit him, but given how much OP has to push outside his comfort zone, he says he does make a lot of sacrifices.

OP says that his friend wouldn’t have made such an effort for him, as the friend has never volunteered to come see him.

He Tried to Make the Friendship Work

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He continues to say that his friend resisted stepping outside of his comfort zone, and in turn made OP look like the bad guy in the situation.

The friend has attempted to make OP put in all the work while only trying to make things simple for himself and avoiding any sacrifices.

He Had Enough of It

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Plus, OP says he has had enough of it and he is not going to follow his friend’s directions anymore.

The Reddit Community Speaks 

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The Reddit community expressed their thoughts in several comments.

Reddit User Says Both the Friends Are Selfish

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One Reddit user said that both the friends are pretty selfish because they see each other only when it’s convenient, not like either of the friends values their supposed lifelong best friendship enough to take on a bit of discomfort.

In response to the comment, OP says he has made many efforts and tried to do something more accessible for himself, but the friend makes no effort and tells him it isn’t enough.

Another Redditor agreed saying that both the friends sound extremely childish, and the university friend also shouldn’t be so selfish in his requests.

So what do you think? Is the OP wrong for doing this or are both these friends not best friends at all?

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