She Was Abandoned After They Discovered Her Mom’s Affair, Now They Want To Stop Her From Reaching Out To Her Biological Dad

Today’s tragic tale comes to us from a subreddit. A 15-year-old wanted to know if she was the wrong for seeking out her biological father after learning she was a child of infidelity. 

This girl has a lot on her plate. She’s just turned 15 and discovered she is a child of infidelity.

This Is A Lot For Any 15 Year Old To Deal With

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Her mom was cheating on her dad, and she was the result. She has three siblings, but they’re only half-siblings on her mom’s side.

How Is This Fair?!

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The news about her birth came out six months ago, and it caused a rift in the family.

She got kicked out of her house by her parents and has been staying with her grandparents ever since. They’re not best pleased and can’t wait to get rid of her.

It Was Her Dad’s Choice

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This was a condition from her non-biological dad – if he was going to stay with his wife and try and make things work, her daughter couldn’t be there.

She’s Got A Raw Deal

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Everyone has treated her like garbage because of it: her parents, relatives, siblings, and even friends have turned on her!

Her Parents Don’t Seem to Care

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She hasn’t talked to her non-biological dad since she left – he raised her for 15 years but doesn’t seem to care about her welfare.

He hasn’t even tried to check in, instead choosing to abandon her at the grandparents.

She talks to her mom once a week, which is not enough for a 15-year-old going through a major emotional upheaval.

She Wanted To Know The Truth

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About two months ago, the original poster (OP) asked her mom for information about her biological father.

Luckily, Her Aunt Stepped In

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Her mom refused, but she managed to figure it out with the help of her aunt. Her aunt is the only person who treats her the same as before, and she had suspicions about who it might be.

Her Aunt Knew Who It Was

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The OP reached out to the guy, they took DNA tests, and the clinic confirmed the results.

Her Biological Father Was Overjoyed

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Her biological father did not know she existed until she contacted him. He’s excited, and his family seems great and receptive to her.

Her biological father told her he didn’t know her mom was married when they met and left her upon learning.

His Entire Family Love Her

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His wife and little kids are very excited to spend time with her; she’s spent some with them and has had a fantastic time so far.

The Secret Came Out

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This was kept secret from everyone (except her aunt) but has recently come to light.

Early yesterday, her grandparents caught her video calling her biological dad; now her mom and non-biological dad also know.

Her Parents Freaked Out!

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They came round to her grandparents and scolded her, telling her that her actions hurt them. She insisted that she was hurt by their actions and hurt from being forced out of the house.

They Said She Was In The Wrong

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But they replied that they’re trying to figure things out, and what she’s done is effectively give up and try to replace them as parents.

They Abandoned Her

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This is ironic, considering her parents had made her leave home and barely contacted her.

She’s a 15-year-old who discovered something shocking about herself, and her parents are acting like she’s in the wrong for wanting to know more.

They’re saying they’re hurt, but they don’t understand their 15-year-old’s suffering.

None Of This Is Her Fault

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Her family is treating her differently for something entirely out of her control that happened before she was born.

Yet her parents think she is misbehaving, reaching out to someone for love and emotional support. They believe that she is in the wrong, despite their hypocrisy.

She’s Given Up

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The OP explains that to be honest, she had given up. She doesn’t feel like part of the family anymore, and who can blame her after how they treated her? She asked her parents what they expected to happen when they kicked her out. Her mom told her to trust her, that she’d make things right for her.

She Feels Completely Alone

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Her parents abandoned her for six months. They’ve left her hanging out to dry without a safety net. Her non-biological father says he doesn’t blame her for her mom’s affair but “needs me to be away until they figure things out, and then I can return.”

She’s Not Sure Who’s Right And Who’s Wrong

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She’s incredibly confused by the situation, and it’s difficult for a 15-year-old girl to manage. That’s why she chose to ask Reddit, “AITA in this situation for giving up and reaching out to my bio father without telling my mom and “dad” and therefore trying to replace them?”

Reddit Users Share Their Thoughts

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Overwhelmingly, Reddit declared that the OP was NTA (not the a***ole). They criticized her mother and non-biological father for abandoning her to her grandparents and thought it was awful that her family was judging her for her mom’s actions. On top of that, they disliked that her mom had chosen her husband over her daughter’s well-being.

The top-rated commenter had this to say: “Let me get this straight: You got thrown out of your home by your mom and dad, and they’re now claiming to be hurt by your actions? NTA.”

What do you think about this story? Was she in the wrong for trying to contact her biological father after being exiled from her family home?

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