He Asked His Niece To Stay In The Closet Until Her Homophobic Grandfather Passed To Keep Her Inheritance, Choosing Money Over Truth

An interesting discussion arose on a Reddit community when a user asked if a life-changing inheritance is more important than being true to yourself.

Looking for Advice

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A man wrote to a Reddit community to ask if his actions were right in protecting his niece’s inheritance over coming out of the closet too soon.

She Confides in Him

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OP, a 42-year-old man, recently had a conversation with his 17-year-old niece, who confided in him that she is a lesbian.

He Supported the LGBTQ Community

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OP, being an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, supported his niece and assured her that he would always be there for her.

She Wanted to Come Out

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However, the niece mentioned that she planned to come out to the world soon, which worried OP.

A Worrisome Time

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He knew that his father, who is incredibly wealthy and has tens of millions of dollars in assets, is also a raging homophobe.

He Would Exclude Them

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The father has made it clear that any gay family member will be written out of his will, and their share of the inheritance will be donated to charity.

He Advised Her to Wait

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OP being aware of his father’s wishes, advised his niece to wait until after her grandparents have passed away before coming out to the world. He explained that if she were to come out and his father found out, she would lose out on 7 million dollars from her inheritance.

Was it The Right Choice?

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The niece was disappointed but appreciated the advice since it was a life-changing amount of money that could allow her to live luxuriously. However, OP’s wife thought he was being insensitive for asking his niece to hide who she is just to appease bigots.

In the Long Run

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Despite this, OP believes that his niece’s quality of life will be better with 7 million dollars at the cost of only a year or two in the closet. He has also seen his father’s will and knows for certain that his niece will receive the money as long as his father doesn’t change his mind.

Money or the Truth?

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OP is now questioning whether it was wrong to advise his niece to stay in the closet to secure her inheritance.

Commenters Chimed In

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Many Reddit users agreed with OP, stating that in the long run this was a much better outcome for his niece. One wrote “He gave her the information she was missing and is letting her make the decision. I don’t see an ethical problem at all.”

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