Joe Biden’s Entry on Trump’s Truth Social Sets the Stage for an Online Political Face-off

When Donald Trump got shut down on Twitter, he ran out and started his own social media platform. Now, Joe Biden has tracked the former president to his den. Get ready for a geriatric cage match!

No Big Deal

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When Twitter decided to suspend former President Donald Trump’s account in the wake of the failed January 6 insurrection, Teflon Don just shrugged it off.

Better Places to Be

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Instead of fighting for reinstatement, Trump took his ball and went home.

Nothing but the ‘Truth’

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Or, in this case, Trump took his balding head and built a new online home.

With the help of his entourage, the ousted president launched Truth Social in February of 2022.

Big Tent for the Big(Gest) Head

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Although Truth Social’s homepage claims that it’s America’s “Big Tent” social media platform where all viewpoints are welcome, there was never any doubt that it was designed to be a Trump-centric PR vehicle.

Back in Business

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Later in 2022, when Elon Musk bought Twitter for the price of a couple of SpaceX rockets, he decided to reinstate Trump’s account.

Mark Zuckerberg did the same with Facebook not long afterwards.

Nah, I’m Good

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At the time, Trump said thanks, but no thanks. Or at least, thanks, but I have my own thing going now.

Rated Mugshot

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So, aside from posting his mugshot on his Twitter account in August of 2023, Trump has been mostly silent on Musk’s platform, now known as X.

Millions Have Followed the Pied Piper

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Instead, Trump has kept his Truth Social feed humming along the last couple of years.

In the process, he’s grown his following to more than 6 million Truthers.

Small but Mighty

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That doesn’t come close to the 87 million who used to hang on Trump’s every word over on Twitter, but at least he’s in complete control on Truth Social.

Can’t Stop at One ‘Truth’

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More recently, Trump and his team launched another Truth account called, appropriately, “Team Trump.”

This one is tagged as the official account for Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign.

Aren’t All the Accounts His?

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No big surprise that Trump and his supporters would claim as much real estate as they could on the man’s own social media platform.

A Shocking Development

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Perhaps a bit more surprising was the new account that popped up on Truth Social in late October.

A Blue Wave of ‘Truth’

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On October 16, Biden-Harris HQ made its debut as the official account of President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

They Want to Sell Out the Event

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Not only did Trump’s main rival for the Oval Office crash his online party, but Truth Media itself promoted the event.

“The U.S. presidential campaign is playing out in real time on Truth Social,” the platform said in an email announcement.

Uncle Joe’s Leg Drop

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In what could shape up to be a WWE-style smackdown of epic proportions, Biden has taken the early online lead.

Yeah, but How Many Precincts Have Reported?

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As of the middle of the first week after the president invaded Trump’s platform, the Biden campaign account had amassed more than 25,000 followers.

Team Trump sat at just under 22,000 at the same point.

This Time It’s Personal!

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So now the stage is set, not only in the real world, but on Trump’s own online home, for an epic political battle the likes of which the world has never seen.

Well, not since 2020, at least.

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