She Took in Her Toxic Family When They Needed It and They’re Shocked to Learn That She Loves Her Cat More Than Them!

Recently, a person took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong for preferring her cat over her family. Here’s the full story.

Her Parents Separated When She Was a Child

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The Original Poster (OP) is a 26-year-old whose parents got divorced when she was 12.

She Came Out

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She came out to her mother at 15, and their relationship deteriorated severely. 

Her Mother Had a New Relationship

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Her mother was already dating another man at the time, and she gave birth to OP’s stepbrother when OP was 17 years old. 

She Left Her Hometown

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After graduating a year later, OP moved away from her hometown to pursue her studies and eventually a job.

The fact that OP was able to live in another place without them and visit her family occasionally was her biggest accomplishment up to that point.

Her Mother Was Toxic

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OP and her mother were eventually able to mend their relationship, but it was never the same.

The truth is that OP doesn’t love being in her company and she doesn’t open up to her about her life.

OP mentions she can never truly forgive her mother for the extreme desolation and loneliness OP felt as a lesbian teen living in a town that was not very accepting of LGBT people.

Her Mother Was Cold Towards Her Step Brother Too

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OP says her stepbrother is also a victim of her mother’s coldness.

He has already picked up some of their mother’s narrow-minded opinions not specifically about gay people, but generally.

Unexpected Demise

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The story began when the mother’s ex-boyfriend/OP’s stepbrother’s father passed away two years ago.

She Offered Them a Place to Stay

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Though OP didn’t really want to, OP proposed that they stay with her so that she could help them with the costs. That way OP’s stepbrother would have a better future because, after the death, OP’s mother and brother really had no one left in their hometown.

Eventually, they agreed and moved in with OP.

She Doesn’t Hang Out With Them

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OP doesn’t hang out with them very much and they occasionally eat supper together, but most of the time OP goes to work, and the gym, and arrives home after her mother and brother have gone to bed.

She takes her stepbrother to the movies around once a month, but it’s always at her mother’s request.

OP always made it clear to them that she likes to be independent and that they should not bother her and they all agreed. However, her mother was not pleased with OP’s lack of interest in them, but she had grown somewhat accustomed to it and didn’t put any pressure on OP.

They Got a Kitten

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The story took a turn when the family recently adopted a kitten.

She Loved the Kitten More Than Anything

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OP loves the kitten and plays with her all the time.

OP said she even adjusted her schedule to accommodate her kitten’s requirements.

Her Mother Got Angry

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As a result, OP’s mother has become increasingly irritated with OP, and she confronted her about it.

She Prefers the Cat Over Her Family

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She stated it’s quite upsetting to watch OP prioritize a cat above her fatherless stepbrother since he needs attention more than ever. She said no child should grow up believing that they are less significant than a pet.

OP says she doesn’t believe her brother is any less significant than anyone else, and she does love him in her own way.

Plus OP still couldn’t connect with her mother as a result of her coldness during OP’s childhood.

She Feels Bad

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OP felt bad about what happened and she took to Reddit to ask whether she was wrong for preferring her cat.

Several Redditors sided with OP and said that she is not wrong and a cat offers emotional support and unconditional love and a cat doesn’t treat you poorly.

One Reddit user wrote, “You already give them far more than they deserve (attention and money). You are not the cause of the problem with this relationship: she is. I would point that out. Be clear, be blunt.”

Another Redditor commented, “Seems to me it’s Mom’s job to pay attention to Brother and make him feel loved and special. She dropped the ball with you and is fumbling now with your stepbrother. Mom needs to step up and contribute for once. This responsibility does not change just because you have found something to do.”

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