She Refuses to Give Her Stepson the Family Heirloom Engagement Ring Because He Hates Her

A fed up mother recently asked Reddit readers for their opinions after she told her stepson that she would not let him have a family engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend. Here is the full story.

They’ve Built a Life Together

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OP is a 49-year-old woman who has been married to her 53-year-old husband for 20 years. They have a 16-year-old son together.

He Already Had Children

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But OP’s husband was married before, and he has a 31-year-old son and a 27-year-old daughter from that marriage.

She Wasn’t Their Mother

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The mother of OP’s stepchildren passed away when they were under ten years old, and OP met their father a couple of years later.

When things started to get serious, OP told the kids that she would never try to replace their mother.

But They Could Always Count on Her

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OP also told the kids that she would always be there for them, and she would do everything she could to give them a good life.

They could always come to her if they needed anything.

Off to a Rocky Start

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Even though she was as welcoming as she could be, OP’s relationship with her stepchildren got off to an icy start.

She totally understood that they were slow to accept her, considering that their mother had died so early.

She Kept Trying

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So OP just kept trying, doing all the things a mother would do. She took them to school, bought them special gifts, and included them in get-togethers with her side of the family.

She Calls Her “Mom”

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Eventually, the little girl warmed up to her stepmother.

Even though OP never adopted her, the girl now calls her “mom,” and they have a great relationship.

He’s Still Mad

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Things didn’t go so well with OP’s stepson.

He was mad at her for being in his life right from the start, and things only got worse from there.

And He Let Her Know It

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As he grew up, the stepson would unleash misogynistic comments about how a woman’s role was to clean the dishes.

And he often resorted to calling her a witch when her back was turned!

There Were No Consequences

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OP’s husband chastised the boy repeatedly for the way he was treating his stepmother, and threatened to take them all to family therapy.

But there were no real consequences, and things never got better.

Nothing Ever Changed

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After the kids grew up and moved away from home, OP stayed close with her stepdaughter, but she hardly ever spoke with her stepson.

And even when she did talk to him, he continued to abuse her.

He Wanted Something from Her

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Then one day recently, out of the blue, the stepson called to tell OP that he was going to propose to his girlfriend.

He asked if he could have the engagement ring that his dad had proposed to her with.

She Said No Way

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OP was stunned at the request given her history with the stepson.

That ring had been in her family for generations and had always been passed down to the oldest child in every family. 

He Didn’t Want Her Love

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The stepson had made it clear for more than 20 years that OP was no mother to him.

She Was Trash to Him

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So OP told her stepson that he couldn’t have the ring.

He asked why not, and she told him it was because he had always treated her like trash.

It Belonged to His Sister

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Then her stepson asked who would get the ring instead, and she said it would go to his sister.

Predictably, he got angry and unleashed a string of insults!

The Family Is Torn

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OP’s husband supports her decision, but the family of the stepson’s dead mother thinks the ring should go to him since he’s the oldest.

Most Redditors side with OP, saying it’s her ring and her decision. They agree that since her stepson never considered her any kind of mother, he has no claim to the ring.

So, what do you think of this story? Is OP right for holding the ring for her stepdaughter? Or should it go to the stepson since he’s the oldest?

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