She Refused to Share Her Late Sister’s Dresses With Any of Her Husband’s New Children, per Her Wishes. He Called Her Pathetic!

A Reddit user asked the community if they were in the wrong for not giving her late sister’s husband a dress to pass along to their non-biological daughter.

Her Sister Passed Away

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The Original Poster’s (OP) sister passed away 17 years ago, leaving behind a daughter who was only 4 months old at the time and a son who was 5 years old.

She was diagnosed with cancer 8 months into her pregnancy and knew immediately that it was terminal.

Trying to Keep Her Memory Alive

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After the birth of her daughter, she asked OP to keep her collection of fashionable dresses and her favorite jewelry for her children.

OP has held onto these items for her niece and nephew ever since.

She Wanted the Dresses to Be Passed Along Only to Her Daughter

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OP’s sister understood that her daughter might not be interested in her clothes, but she wanted OP to have them on hand if she was.

She confided in OP that although she knew her husband loved her, she also knew that he would eventually remarry and she didn’t want any future children or spouse to have a claim on her possessions.

She specifically wanted them for her own children.

She Agreed to Hold the Items for the Kids

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Additionally, she had a necklace that she knew her son would like in the future, and he eventually asked for it at the age of 15 and still wears it to this day.

OP readily agreed to take care of these items for her friend’s children.

The Father Remarried a Year Later

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After OP’s sister passed away, her husband did indeed remarry. He informed their family about a year after her death that he had gotten another woman pregnant, and a few months later he announced their plans to marry.

The situation was awkward for some time.

Slowly Moving Apart

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Although he remained part of their lives, they had not been close before his remarriage, and his new wife harbored some negative feelings toward her and their family.

They now have two daughters together, a 14-year-old and a 9-year-old.

The Step-Daughter Asked for One of the Dresses

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The 14-year-old daughter of OP’s late sister’s husband was excited about an upcoming school dance.

She wanted to wear one of OP’s sister’s dresses because she saw a photo of OP’s sister wearing one and heard from her dad that OP had them.

The husband contacted OP, asking if she could send the dress over. OP refused to hand it over.

She Refused to Give It to Her

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So they asked OP’s nephew if he could obtain the dress for his daughter.

The nephew vehemently refused, stating that his half-sister had no right to any of his mother’s dresses.

While OP’s niece didn’t express anger like her cousin, she found the situation strange.

He Was Upset With Her

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When OP’s late sister’s husband learned what had happened, he argued that it wasn’t fair to exclude her just because she wasn’t biologically related to OP’s sister.

He believed that his daughter was part of the family and should be allowed to wear the dress.

However, OP stood her ground, telling him that she didn’t feel comfortable giving away the dress and that she intended to honor her sister’s wishes.

He Called Her Pathetic

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When he suggested that his daughter could pick a different dress from the collection, OP responded by saying that she wouldn’t allow her niece to have any of the dresses.

He then accused OP of depriving his daughter and treating her unfairly, but she insisted that the dresses were only for her sister’s children. The conversation ended with him calling her pathetic.

Reddit Community Weighs In

Kanchana Imsilp / Prathankarnpap

In this Reddit thread, most users agree that OP is not in the wrong and should honor her sister’s wishes.

The late sister knew her husband would remarry and potentially neglect her possessions, and the husband’s request for the dress violates her wishes.

What do you think? Was OP in the right or wrong here?

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