He Was Offered His Dream Job But His Wife Wanted A Divorce To Protect Her Career

A young businesswoman posted to Reddit’s “Am I the A**Hole” (AITA) subthread asking if she made a huge mistake by telling her husband to turn down his dream job. On the surface, you’d think she was, but wait until you read what’s at stake.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Boss

The original poster (OP) is the 33-year-old breadwinner of their household and stands at the crossroads of a life-altering decision.

With multiple specialized degrees in a highly secretive and niche industry, she earns a staggering $200K+ with the potential to make around $600K. 

Her company, a beacon of stability in the tumultuous seas of COVID, has maintained its standards, and her job remains secure – or so she thought.

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The Problem With Her Husband’s Dream Job

Her husband, a 36-year-old man with a broad education and diverse work experience, had quit his job before the pandemic, hoping for a better future.

Despite tireless efforts, he finally landed an interview at the elusive Organization X, his dream job in every way.

This job, with a modest salary of $65K, directly threatens the foundation of OP’s livelihood. OP understands this salary would be enough under normal circumstances, but their city is too expensive and wouldn’t cover their shared costs. 

Two Enemies Under One Roof

The company, her husband, seeks to join is a direct adversary of OP. If their clients were to discover the connection, OP’s reputation and career in the industry would be irreparably tarnished. It would be like a celebrity privacy expert married to a TMZ reporter.

OP pleaded with her husband to drop out of the running, knowing that his income would not sustain their lifestyle in this city and that he has alternative career paths. But he refused, insisting on prioritizing his career, causing OP to take drastic measures.

The Cost of Doing Business

With a heavy heart, she contacted her superiors, informing them of the situation and effectively protecting her livelihood.

She gave her husband an ultimatum – decline the offer in front of her, or accept it and face the consequences of their irreconcilable differences which meant divorce. 

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OP made the difficult choice to prioritize her career over her love for her husband, and the fallout was devastating. He accused her of being selfish and heartless, but she knew that this was the only way to protect all she had built.

Though it may have ended in heartbreak, OP moved decisively, cutting her losses and moving forward with grace and strength.

How Did Reddit Respond?

Redditors seemed to side with OP on this issue. One Redditor said, “It doesn’t matter if she trusts him. Her company and her clients don’t.

He knows this and chose to pursue this job anyway. If she doesn’t trust someone who’s willing to destroy her entire career for a single job I don’t blame her.”

Another user asked the question, “And I wonder if Organization X will still want your husband once he becomes your ex?” 

Miranda66 responded, “He’s calling you heartless, only caring about money and your career, but he’s only caring about his POSSIBLE career, not thinking about you and yours at all. This is bigger than just career and jobs, he has very little respect for you.” 

Would you choose your career over your husband’s? Who’s the one being selfish here? Was the company only interested in her husband’s application because of OP’s position at her company?

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